Handheld Flowmeter / LRF-2000H

Product Description

LRF-2000H handheld ultrasonic flow meter is small, light, and easy to operate. Installation is non-intrusive. Rechargeable battery supports more than 12 hours of continuous work.
•  High Accuracy measuring 
   Accuracy: ±1%, linearity: 0.5%, repeatability: 0.2%
•  Non-intrusive measuring 
   Non-intrusive, clamp-on transducer, no pressure drop,no pipe disturbance
•  Wide measuring range 
    Several types transducer for selection, measuring pipe size from DN15mm to DN6000mm
•  Light weight 
   Size: 210×90×30mm, weight: only 0.5kg
•  Large capacity battery 
    Built-in rechargeable Ni-MH battery, provide over 12 hours of continuous operation
•  Large LCD display 
   Display instantaneous flow, accumulated flow (positive, negative and net), velocity, working status etc
•  Built-in data logger 
   Built-in 24K data logger, store over 2000 lines measuring data
Standard configuration

Main Unit

    Medium transducer             TM-1

Signal Cable


Carrying case


Tape ruler

Data line

User Manual

Ultrasonic coupling agent

Optional Transducer

Small size transducer TS-2(Magnetic)
DN15 ~ DN100mm
-40C° ∼ 90C°

Medium size transducer TM-1(Magnetic)
DN50 ~ DN700mm
-40C° ∼ 90C°

Large size transducer TL-1(Magnetic)
DN300 ~ DN6000mm
-40C° ∼ 90C°

High-temperature small size transducer HTS-1
DN15 ~ DN100mm
-40C° ∼ 160C°

High-temperature medium size transducer HTM-1
DN50 ~ DN1000mm
-40C° ∼ 160C°

General Specifications








 Better than ±1% , for velocity above 0.03m/s

Response Time

 0-999 second, user-configurable

Flow Range


Measuring Pipe Size

 15mm ~ 6000mm


 English (U.S.) or metric


 7-digit totalizer for net, positive and negative flow respectively

Liquid Types

 Any single uniform liquid which can transmit ultrasonic


 Setup values Modification Lockout. Access code needs unlocking


 4×16  letters

Communication Interface

 RS-232 interface. 75-57600bps, compatible with Fuji ultrasonic
flowmeter and other UFM on enquiry.


 Model TM-1 for standard, other 4 models for optional

Transducer Cable

 Standard 5mx2 or can be extended to 10m x 2

Power Supply

 3 AAA built-in Ni-MH batteries (for over 12 hours of operation).
100V-240VAC adapter

Data Logger

 Built-in data logger can store over 2000 lines of data

Manual Totalizer

 7 digit, calibrating by key

Housing Material




Handset Weight

 500g (include battery)